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Adapting classical yoga asanas for Pre-Natal Yoga

Many of the poses and movements in pregnancy yoga are inspired by classical yoga but are adapted to make them safe and comfortable for all pregnant women, even those with little or no experience of yoga.

Politika Cabbage Rolls

Are you one of those people who think that vegans eat only grass and lettuces? Do you want to know the truth, the real truth? I give you my favorite Greek Inspired Vegan recipe!

Post Vinyasa – Cupcakeyogini Disco Balls

Full of zinc, protein, magnesium, Vitamin E, copper and healthy fats. Sugar free, gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, vegan but nutritious and sweet delicious. Contains lots of nuts.

Posture of the month: CROW POSE (BAKASANA)

Bakasana is often the first arm balance that people learn. It’s a great feeling once we get lift off in this pose, but it can take a leap of faith the first time, a willingness to trust ourselves and overcome our fear of falling.

Chocolate Cake

Is anything more exciting than a cake? Well maybe THE Chocolate Cake! Baking for me is somehow Love making and believe when I say, that everyone will love you after they have eaten this Chocolate Cake.

Healthy sweet snack for extra energy

Roasted chestnuts immune boosting, rich in calcium, B vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium, gluten free.

Pregnancy Yoga

Our pregnancy yoga teacher Sarah Burgess explains what pregnant women can expect to gain from yoga in each of the three trimesters of pregnancy.

Posture of the month: Shoulderstand

Turning your body up side down builds strength and elasticity in the musculature, ligaments and connective tissues of the spine and rib cage. Improves posture and energises our vital organs.