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Ayurvedic healing system aims to bring health to the physical body, peace to the mind and inspiration to the spirit.

Ayurveda is a complete system of well-being connected to the physical, physiological and psychological body.

Ayurveda in Sanskrit means '' the science of life'' ('ayur'=life and 'veda'=knowledge). Sanskrit is an ancient Indian language (and the sacred language of Hinduism) the language in which Ayurveda was written down.

Originated in India more than 4000 years ago, Ayurveda encompasses the entire life of a person- body, mind and spirit- and it was well established before the birth of Buddha. Since it is a combination of science and philosophy, it details the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects necessary for health.
Medicine(medicinal plants) is only one spoke of on the Ayurvedic wheel and to benefit fully from Ayurveda it is helpful to consider the other elements, including meditation, yoga, massage, sound and music therapy, breathing exercises, aromatherapy and more.

The approach is vastly different from conventional Western medicine. It can be considered as a programme for living, which addresses every part of human life and puts it into the context of our environment.

By following an Ayurvedic approach, we can develop ways to remain balanced in times of increasing stress, pressure and worry. Most importantly , we can adopt a lifestyle that works to create harmony, preventing illness and encouraging us to heal much more quickly when we do become ill.

According to Ayurveda, health is a perfect state of balance amongst the body's three fundamental energies called doshas (vata, pitta, kapha). Ayurvedic principles hold that each person has a particular pattern of energy, an individual combination of physical, mental and emotional characteristics, known as a constitution (dosha, body humor). In Vedic philosophy, our lives become meaningful when we strive to fulfil our potential, but this cannot be achieved without basic good health.

The Marmas Marma Points

Hand Massage

Massage is one of the best ways to encourage the flow of energy in the body and the release of toxins and waste.

Ayurvedic system of health care provides the most comprehensive therapeutic structure for massage in the world. It can benefit those suffering from headaches, migraine, respiratory illness including asthma and bronchitis, insomnia, anxiety, tension, depression, weakness, circulation conditions, backache, sciatica, sprains and injuries, as well as simply rejuvenating a tired and weak body.

Traditional Ayurvedic massage has long history of therapeutic healing and has its roots in Kerala, South India.
In Ayurveda oiling of the body is very important and is recommended for most dosha types on a regular basis. Massage should be undertaken that are appropriate for your dosha type or a particular health condition from which you are suffering.

Marma points in the Ayurvedic system of massage are vital points in our bodies meeting at the special junctures of vessels, muscles, ligaments, bones and joints. Even if only two structures are present it may constitute a marma point. The word Marma has derived from the Sanskrit term Marane or Mru and it means hidden or secret.

In all, 107 marma points cover the human body, 12 of which, including the head, heart and bladder are very important.

Marma points bridge the gap between the physical and the energetic bodies. Applying pressure to the marma points aims to stimulate bodily organs and systems.

When it comes to deliver a massage treatment the type of massage and touch we give to each client should be individualised as their needs be.

A sattvic touch is gentle and soft, it is relaxing and harmonising. Recommended for Vata types. A rajasic style of touch has medium pressure, it is firm yet not painful. It seeks to open and stimulate. Recommended for Pitta types.
A tamasic touch is open and liberating. It is deeply strong, penetrating and stimulating. This type of massage will benefit Kapha types most.

What to expect What to expect

ayurvedic treatment

We will always try to make you feel relaxed, safe and comfortable throughout your massage treatment.

In your first session we will take 10-15 minutes additionally to your booked treatment, to determine your dosha (body and mind constitution) and to identify your needs and expectations. This will allow us to optimise your massage treatment.
There will be no extra charge for those additional 10-15 minutes of evaluation. You only pay for the massage treatment according to our price list.

Any further lifestyle and diet consultation will be charge depending on the length of the appointment. Please speak to us if you are interested.

Before your massage treatment you may be required to remove some of your clothing depending on the treatment you have booked, but you can keep your underwear on. You will be covered with towels throughout the treatment and only the parts being massaged will be exposed, ensuring you feel warm and secure.

A gentle application of warm oil will be followed throughout the treatment. The oil needs a little time to penetrate and can then be washed off, the therapist will advise you according to your needs.

There are certain medical conditions which may require your doctor's permission before a treatment can take place, i.e. very high blood pressure, heart conditions, epilepsy, thrombosis, cancer, however this can be discussed during the consultation.

You may feel very relaxed after the massage treatment, we advise not to plan any activities following the treatment, in order to keep the calmness of the body and mind.

Ayurvedic massage is most beneficial when combined with a complete Ayurvedic lifestyle, and is most complimentary when added to a conscious choice and pathway to greater health and vitality in your life. Please speak with your therapist if you wish to take a step further and you will be advised accordingly.

If you are familiar with our space: The treatment will be in our studio. There will be no yoga class during your treatment. The treatment takes place in an enclosed, cozy area within the room.

An Ayurvedic massage treatment is a unique experience, as it combines therapeutic oils, pressure in vital points on the body and individual treatments according to your body needs.

About Xenia Xenia Bolomiti

Xenia Bolomiti

Ayurvedic Therapist
Movement Instructor
Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher
Member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT)
Federation of Holistic Therapists

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Living in London is a great experience, as well as a big challenge, for both our body and spirit.
Having always been involved in body movement and the awareness around it, I came to realise that the hectic rhythm of a big city can easily bring us out of balance.

Then I came to understand that our lifestyle and diet can help us build the awareness around ourselves, and this is how Ayurveda came into my life.

Since 2000 I have been involved in theatre, physical movement and the body awareness through sports, Yoga, Alexander Technique, swimming and listening to life's vibrations. Having always been interested in therapeutic massage techniques and the way we can help our body to breath through its physical, physiological and psychological existence, I found that Ayurveda put all of this into practice.

As an Ayurvedic therapist my goal is to help my clients to also build this awareness. I hope to motivate them to find the root of the imbalance, to realize the body's unique possibilities and to let go of anything that the body doesn't need.
That is why in Ayurveda, individuality is crucial. In Ayurveda we believe that 'we are what we eat'.

But diet shouldn't just be a general pattern of eating. It applies to our psychological body too. This is the reason that many diseases. like eczema, psoriasis, depression and diabetes are strongly connected to wrong diet habits as well as psychological factors.

I trained with Sunita Passi and Tri-Dosha in London and since then Ayurveda holds the biggest space in my life and work. Yoga and meditation are still part of my practice and a tool to keep me balanced.

Passionate about life, I am also a writer and I believe that we can dream with our eyes open as long as we are able to let things flow in the present without being hooked to the past and the expectations of the future. It is the way we can find peace with the world we live in.

I love mountaineering and can happily live between mountains, trees and waterfalls. Nature is a great medicine and it helps me to get back to my roots as a human being.

Ayurvedic massage treatments will help you go back to yourself and find what your body, mind and spirit needs in order to eliminate any toxins and negativity and to boost your body up!

Let it come, let it go, let it flow.

Testimonials Testimonials

Oils used in Ayurveda

I was really looking forward to this experience and it didn't disappoint me. Right after my massage I felt calm, relaxed and more peaceful. Thanks for your hands and your smile Xenia. Looking forward to the next one! – Raffaela

I feel so relaxed! It was a great experience and I felt so connected with my body and mind . Oils are great, will definitely use them! – Susana

Thank you! I have just experienced my first Ayurvedic Massage and felt refreshed, glowing and calm. Fascinated to learn more! Will definitely booked another one soon! – Nicola

Blissfully balanced! – Helen

So relaxing, mentally, physically. So beneficial, thank you so much, I will be back time and time again! – Courtney

Wonderful massage. I felt very looked after and relaxed – Chloe

That was the most relaxing and comfortable hour I've had in a long time! I will definitely come back for more, thank you! – Lisa

I arrived tired and a bit stressed but had such an amazing treatment. Very relaxing and energizing, highly recommended! – Edouardo

It was so beneficial for me, the whole concept makes so much sense. I will follow it for life and definitely start using Ayurvedic oils! – Sylvia

An unexpected delight! – Angela

The single most fabulous massage ever! Not only physically but mentally too. Wow, thank you! – Julia

Such a loving calming experience, I feel alive again. Thank you for showing me such kindness and understanding. I felt at peace. Will definitely come back! Loved the oils! – Rachael

This was amazing! I feel so much better, not only my shoulders but I also feel relaxed and happy! Hooray! Thank you so much, I will come back again! – Daisy Such a luxurious, healing and calming treatment! Thank you Xenia. Oils are just fantastic! – Sophie

I feel a lot more aware of my mind and body. I will apply this to my life from now on. Thank you very much, will come back soon! – Tom

Xenia is completely present and open. She has such a supportive practice. She clearly knows her stuff. I felt nourishes and looked after. Thank you so much! – Martina

Thank you Xenia. Your massage was so incredibly relaxing and rebalancing. I feel grounded again. I look forward to seeing you again soon! – Dalia

Very intuitive touch, found the tension and shook it off. Feeling very relaxed yet rejuvenated with the amazing oils! Fully recommend! – Emma

Wow! I feel taller and lighter! Will definitely come back. Truly amazing, highly recommended! – George

The treatment has placed me in a perfect equilibrium between being alert and relaxed. I loved the oils too! Thank you so much, will come back for sure! – Julia